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When dealing with any municipal government, it is important to read the political landscape correctly. Opportunities must be identified and changes assessed in order to pinpoint avenues for your firm's greatest success.

From introduction at the committee level, to working with City Council as a whole, Lyons Group directs its clients through every step of the municipal procedural process. Our office offers monitoring services of all relevant committees, agencies, boards, commissions and council meetings. We will prepare additional research and background information needed to add value to your issue.

We dedicatedly track all relevant topics and materials relating to our clients' project needs and use that information to provide them with a balanced, insightful perspective.

Our knowledge of both the political and bureaucratic levels of government equip our clients with the resources to gain the fullest exposure and fairest consideration. Our team is familiar with the workings of Council and staff offices, enabling Lyons Group to fully prepare you and your firm, no matter what obstacles lie ahead.

Lyons Group understands the role the private sector plays within government: when the right parties are brought together, both can offer important solutions.