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An unfortunate reality of government relations is that it is often difficult to obtain the attention of provincial governments due in significant part to their size and complexity.

As is the case with every level of government in Canada, the Government of Ontario has undergone a tremendous evolution in recent years. These changes can mean new opportunities for our clients; but only identified and leveraged quickly and succinctly.

Lyons Group has worked with Members of Cabinet and the Legislative Assembly as well as political staff. Our seasoned perspective allows us to explain to our clients what changes at the government of Ontario mean to them.

Lyons Group analyzes provincial public policy to create strategic solutions that  garner the most benefit for our clients. Our knowledge of the parliamentary process allows us to provide our clients with the right advice and support to give them the confidence to move their initiatives forward: whether before a Legislative Committee, a Minister of the Crown or a meeting with government staff.

Our clients also benefit from our analysis of major provincial initiatives including: the annual budget; program announcements; the Speech from the Throne and Cabinet shuffles. A critical understanding of such initiatives provides our clients with a powerful tool for accomplishing their aims.